The Personal Learning Academy
at Vista High School

Big Plans...Big History

This year, 11th graders will be exploring a truly interdisciplinary curriculum called Big History.

What is Big History?

"The Big History Project (BHP) brings to life an audacious idea—a single course that covers the complete history of people and the Universe. By sharing the big picture and challenging students to look at the world from many different perspectives, we hope to inspire a greater love of learning and help them better understand how we got here, where we’re going, and how they fit in." - The Big History Project site

  • Thinking Across Scale

    Learn to draw patterns and connections across different scales of time and space.

  • Integrating Multiple Disciplines

    By integrating multiple perspectives into our thinking, we come up with new questions and insights.

  • Making and Testing Claims

    Students learn to examine their intuition and evaluate the authority, evidence, and logic of claims.

Core StandardsAddressed

Through this interdisciplinary curriculum, we'll be connecting the work our students do in all four core classes, creating a relevant, real world learning experience, pursuing the mastery of important content and skills-based standards.

Our Students' Latest Work

We do a lot of writing in the PLA, and this blog is where much of it is displayed. Please have a look around.