Welcome to The Vista PLA

A companion site to The Narrows


Yes, things change. As the label on one of my favorite shirts says, ‘Change is the only constant’. And so the VPLA website is being transitioned. Still here, still part of how we do business here in 11th grade social studies, but different.

From this point forward, this site will be a companion site to The Narrows – our self-paced, self-guided, gamified learning environment that represents a wholesale shift in how we teach and learn.

This site, then, will be the digital space that students maintain their portfolios. The work they do in The Narrows will require them to publish digital portfolio updates (DPUs) every week, to include where they’re at in their current inquiries, what they’ve produced, and a discussion of their short- and long-term goals.

This site is where those DPUs will be published. By every student. Every week. They’re broken down by period (see the top menu), and you should feel free to have a look.

The Narrows

Sindy B. – DPU – Week of 3/20/17

UPDATE So far I have just finished week 2 about America through Chinese eyes. At the end of the section, I received an eight out of eight on the quiz. I moved on to week 3, learning about the relationship between France an America. So far, I have only gotten through...

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Kimberly F – GNG Reflection

1.) The way I can approach people that are unfamiliar to me is to interact with them. Get to know them better by asking them questions that I am curious. 2.) Instead of disliking them for what the media says about them I will do research, get to know them better. I...

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Jenni P- DPU- 3/27/17

UPDATE Americas rise to a superpower: I am currently developing my essential question. On my last DPU I was working on my presentation to determine my expertise, which I achieved. Global Nomads: Im finishing up the read on appendix E and the questions. S/T GOALS By...

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Stephanie G- DPU- Week of 4/3/17

UPDATE I have showed my presentation to Jeb but I clearly still need to do more research to what is related  America Rise to Power. I am still doing my research on the specific events on what I need to do for my research. I need to need to know on what helped America...

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Caroline – GNG Reflection – 3/20/17

Reflect on the See-Think-Wonder and Asking Complete Questions strategies. How can you use these strategies to develop multiple perspectives in your everyday life? I can use the strategies to help me release something I do but with the intention of getting an answer...

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