Welcome to The Vista PLA

A companion site to The Narrows


Yes, things change. As the label on one of my favorite shirts says, ‘Change is the only constant’. And so the VPLA website is being transitioned. Still here, still part of how we do business here in 11th grade social studies, but different.

From this point forward, this site will be a companion site to The Narrows – our self-paced, self-guided, gamified learning environment that represents a wholesale shift in how we teach and learn.

This site, then, will be the digital space that students maintain their portfolios. The work they do in The Narrows will require them to publish digital portfolio updates (DPUs) every week, to include where they’re at in their current inquiries, what they’ve produced, and a discussion of their short- and long-term goals.

This site is where those DPUs will be published. By every student. Every week. They’re broken down by period (see the top menu), and you should feel free to have a look.

The Narrows

Nancy F – DPU – Week of 2/27/17

UPDATE Nancy F - DPU - Week of 2/27/17 In my coursera I have finished week one and have moved on to week two. I am hoping to finish this week by the first week of March. REVIEW OF TANGIBLES I was gone for two weeks and stared last week to do my coursera and have...

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Ben A – DPU – Week of 2/27/17

UPDATE This week I have gotten through the space program and started the Berlin crisis.  I learned about the significance of space exploration for that time and how that affected his legacy as president.  This week I did not accomplish all of my short term goals of...

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Jose S – DPU – 2/27/17

Update: This week i finally managed to finished my Google Slide and got feedback from the guide. I am moving on to picking a topic to dig deep into.   Review of Tangibles: I am moving forward to picking my topic, My two main options were Immigration in american...

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Judy D-DPU 2/27/17

UPDATE For this week I been working on showing Mr.Jeb the big picture of Industrial Revolution during the steam power. First on Monday there wasn't school so it was a break, on Wednesday I was researching on steam power and having a great brief understanding on steam...

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Caroline D – DPU – Week of 02/27/2017

UPDATE Last week I took useful notes that helped me understand my topic of how it was before and after the Industrial revolution. Now I am going to start showing my emerging expertise by making a group on basecamp and explaining the facts about the IR and sharing it...

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Abby G – DPU- Week of 2/27/17

UPDATE Hey, I am on week 2 Finally!! I´m starting lesson 2- lecture 2. I reached my short-term goal too. Many good things happened. REVIEW OF TANGIBLES I reviewed all my notes and passed my quiz by an 82%. In week 2 so, far I´m learning about Graduated circle map and...

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