I am in week 1 of my Coursera course. On my last DPU I planed to complete week 1 by now, but I haven’t done so yet, as it is a long week and I had paused a lot to take notes.


I will finish Week 1 of the Kennedy century by next week, start week 2, with full understanding of all resources, which I have reviewed.


Next week I’ll finish Week 2 of my Coursera course, which may require me to do some work at home, but I am determined to finish in class..


I have completed 4 pages of notes, which I will be happy to show you in a conference.  These 4 pages where made in just two videos, and I believe that I have 4 more to watch in my current week.  So I might be having 10 or so pages of notes when done with the section, but it all depends on what information I think valuable.

When I am writing down my notes, I tend to write down, the context, then the information, then any ending information I find useful.

Pretty much what happens is JFK served in WW2, where he suffered some back injuries, and after he had returned home he went on to congress, where he then went on to be a running mate for Stevenson, but didn’t go through with it., I had to stop there, as the bell had rung.