I had made my decision on doing a coursera cousre and I have started my new coursera course which is America Through Foreign Eyes.


This week I would like to start my first week and do up to my second week as well and have a good understanding of it so I can be ready and explain for the final.


My long Term Goal is to be able to pass my history class with a good grade and also being to give a good final on this injury.


Last week I had to decide on what injury I was going to work on for the next 5 weeks. I have decide to work on the America Through Foreign Eyes.  Im in the first week of this coursrea course. Im  America Through Foreign Eyes is a course about the U.S and Americans but also about France, Mexico, China, and multiple African nations as well. People from many cultures and you may say nations develop perceptions about people in other cultures. It say that French people have alot of extra marital affairs and that the Chinese parents prefer sons over daughters and that Mexicans have brown skin and Africans live in villages and all the Americans eat fast food. This are common generalizations made about five places. Chinese parents started choosing their sons over daughters in the 1979. Because of the reasons that the daughters wont be able to carry on the familys last name and others unreasonsable reasons. Many people are trying to avoid generalizations because they are simplify complex realities. This so apply of  negative stereotypes. Like they say French people are rude and Chinese people dont follow are rules and that Mexicans are undocumented migrants and that Africans need alot of help. All of this comes on T.V so many people believe it. I will be on my second week now.