I have now started a new course which is America Through Foreign Eyes and I did complete my goal which was to present My DOL to Mr. D last Wednesday.


My short term goal is to work on my course everyday for 1 hour


My long term goal is to make my DOL the best I can. It has to make complete sense especially since it will be my last one.


America Through Foreign Eyes is about how different cultures/nations think about the US. Also what we all think about different cultures. We all have a different mindset of everyone. Just by looking at something we think he have an idea of how they are and what they do. This course has 4 modules which are looking at America through being Chinese, Mexican, African, and French. And there are also 4 themes about Democracy and Modernity, Globalization and Capitalism, Racism and Immigration, And Intellectual  and Cultural Life.

There are many stereotypes about different cultures. We have our own opinions about others. But what we as humans is hard to think something else. And once we have our own opinions it can create scandals/ battles with the other person with a different culture.When someone makes generalizations about other cultures it becomes a phobiaoranism.

Its best to get to know the person rather than to critic them just by looking at them.