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Child labor during the IR was huge when it came to mass production of tools and goods. Children helped all around the factories operating machines to power the tools that made the goods and also helped in building the tools as well such as shovels, pick forks, and other stuff. Some people might have thought that having children work in factories and taking the risk of getting hurt massively was a good way to move the country forward when it came to trade with other countries.

Others believed it was a bad idea to have them working the same way adults did. Then protests broke out about children not working because it also harmed their education and childhood for the most part. Most kids acting like full grown adults at the age of 13 because they were so used to being around them so much in factories that they missed out on their childhood. This also affect their behavior at home extremely because they would be very grumpy and disrespectful to their parents. They would be so anger because they had little to no sleep and that caused them to fall behind at school as well.

Overall I believe this whole event in the Industrial Revolution influenced change in today´s world and in the United states in particular. It caused employees to be treated with more care and at the same time earning a reasonable wage in jobs. It also had a great impact on teen employees because now they have the same rights as adults and don´t get treated like slaves and peasants.