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America through foreign eyes is about the perception other cultures have on America, the way we run our government, or culture and a country as a whole. America being an international super power is looked upon by every one. Each person has a view on America and this course has picked to review the views of Mexico, China, France and Africa. Each of these selected views have been picked because of the relationships America had with these places an the similarities they have.
China and the United States have always had a rocky relationship, both being part of the strongest countries in the world and China having a communist type of government. China and America have almost never agreed on things. There has always been a rivalry between these two. Although relationships between these two have gotten better considerably it is still something that worries the US government.
Africa as a continent has always been supported by America. We always have campaigns and charities for those places in need and for that Africa is grateful. There are those few people or regions in Africa that feel hatred towards Americans for using them as slaves and that leads to one of the most common problems in America and the world, racism. Discrimination towards African Americans has become so common it is sad that there can be so much hatred between two groups of people. There have been a good amount of African Americans that have contributed to their home land without doing it intentionally. Tupac when he made music influence the African people because he talked about his struggles, how he over came them and that really connected to his people that they looked up to him to an extent.